Meet the Chef

Wayne Delattiboudare is a classically trained chef with 14 years of culinary experience. He holds a Culinary of Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University - North Miami campus. Prior to Johnson & Wales, Wayne held a career in health care as a paramedic destined for PA (Physician’s Assistant) school. His passion for food led him to a career change. Reflecting on his life as a child in Jamaica, Wayne realized that he was always involved in the planting, growing, and harvesting of fruits and vegetables in their natural organic state.

Wayne’s philosophy on food is that; it should not be a competition, it should not be fast, and it definitely should not be a science experiment. To create amazing food one simply needs fresh ingredients, minimal manipulation, and creative presentation. His career path has prepared him to offer this to the Atlanta region.

Wayne started his career working as a line cook on South Beach. His chef instructor and mentor at the time, Chef Wilson recommended Wayne to Chef Robert Oliver, who served as Executive Chef/ Creator of NOA. Wayne was asked to join the SUVA opening team. SUVA would open as a new concept, Polynesian décor restaurant, inspired by the islands of the South Pacific and the Caribbean. After working with Chef Robert for approximately one and half years, Wayne took the experience, the knowledge, and the techniques to the next stage of his career development.

At The Shore Club Hotel on South Beach, Wayne also joined an opening team for a new Mediterranean concept restaurant, Sirena involving Nobu Matsuhisa and actor, Robert De Niro. Under the tutelage of Chef de Cuisine Jason Mclain, Wayne was able to refine his attention to culinary detail. This provided him with the opportunity to work in Nobu as a prep cook on his days off. Here, he developed his unyielding love for using only the freshest ingredients.

After this once in a lifetime opportunity, Wayne moved to Atlanta, GA and secured a culinary role with the Ritz Carlton. While employed at the Ritz, Wayne has served in a number of departments including; Garde Manger, Banquet Kitchen and Atlanta Grill. During that period, he has worked with many accomplished chefs. Chef Yves Samake, a close mentor, being one of them. Currently he is the owner and Executive Chef for Delatti’s Culinary Creations.

His current interests include organic, raw, vegan, and vegetarian food lifestyles. Wayne is passionate about the use of organically grown local ingredients.

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